The International Eclogite Conference was established by David C. Smith who convened the first meeting in Clermont-Ferrand, France, in 1982. The main purpose of the IEC was to promote communication and encourage cooperation among geologists investigating HP/UHP rocks.

The past Conferences have been the following:
1982 I International Eclogite Conference (Clermont-Ferrand, France)
1985 II International Eclogite Conference (Vienna, Austria)
1989 III International Eclogite Conference (Würzburg, Germany)
1993 IV International Eclogite Conference (Cosenza, Italy)
1997 V International Eclogite Conference (Ascona, Switzerland)
2001 VI International Eclogite Conference (Niimaha, Shikoku, Japan)
2005 VII International Eclogite Conference (Seggau, Austria)
2009 VIII International Eclogite Conference (Xining,China)
2011 IX International Eclogite Conference (Mariánské Láznê, Czech Republic)

From 1987 to 2007, the Conferences were alternating with the following Eclogite Field Symposia:
1987 I Int. Eclogite Field Symposium, Bergento Molde, Western Norway
1991 II Int. Eclogite Field Symposium, Granada, Malaga, La Coruña, Spain
1995 III Int. Eclogite Field Symposium, Hefei, China
1999 IV Int. Eclogite Field Symposium, Russia-Kazakhstan
2003 V “Alice Wain Memorial West Norway” Int. Eclogite Field Symposium, Selje, Norway
2007 VI Int. Eclogite Field Symposium, Portree, Scotland

In 2007 the decision was taken to suppress the Eclogite Field Symposia and to organize the International Eclogite Conference every two years.

The IEC is endorsed by International Lithosphere Program Task Force-IV.


The directing body of the IEC is the Coordinating Committee, which consists of one National Representative of each member country of the IEC, who elect the President. The National Representatives are elected by the collective members of the Coordinating Committee. “The Council has to supervise all activities of the IEC, accept, postpone or reject proposals and adopt resolutions”. The Council meets once every two years.

Previous presidents of the IEC:
David C. Smith (Paris, France)
Heinz G. Scharbert (Vienna, Austria)
Martin Okrusch (Würzburg, Germany)
Lauro Morten (Cosenza, Italy)
Volkmar Trommsdorff (Zurich, Switzerland)
Takao Hirajima (Kyoto, Japan)
Georg Hoinkes (Graz, Austria)
Kai Ye (Beijing, China)
Shah Wali Faryad (Prague, Czech Republic) – active president

Members of the IEC CC:
Bakun-Czubarow Nonna, Poland  (†)
Cho Moonsup, South Korea
Compagnoni Roberto, Italy
Cuthbert Simon, United Kingdom
De Hoog Cees Jan, Denmark
Faryad Shah Wali, Czech Republic
Ghent Edward, Canada
Hirajima Takao, Japan
Hoinkes Georg, Austria
Horvath Peter, Hungary
Jahn Bor-Ming, Taiwan
Janák Marian, Slovak Republic
Liati Anthi, Switzerland
Medaris Gordon, Jr., USA
Perraki Maria, Greece
Ravna Erling J.K., Norway
Rubatto Daniela, Australia
Schertl Hans-Peter, Germany
Shatsky Vladislav S., Russia
Smith David, France
Van Roermund Herman, Netherlands
Vrabec Mirijam, Slovenia
Ye Kai, China (†)

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