Multi-stage HP metamorphism and assembly of a rifted continental margin

September 5, 2013

Altitude: 300-1100 m a.s.l.
Elevation gain (on foot): only one stop includes a downhill walk of about 250 m
Field leaders: Daniele Castelli, Roberto Compagnoni, Martin Engi, Daniele Regis, Daniela Rubatto

The Syn-Conference excursion is organized in the lower Aosta Valley and will focus on the world-famous HP continental crust rocks of the Sesia Zone. Since the discovery of the jadeite-bearing metagranite at Monte Mucrone about 30 years ago, the Sesia Zone has been studied by generations of geologists from around the world. This excursion will be the occasion to revisit the “classical” outcrops (“Eclogitic Micaschists Complex”, “Gneiss Minuti Complex”, jadeite-bearing orthogneiss) in the light of the new data and results obtained by applying modern approaches to the “old known” rocks.

Mountain boots, sun glasses, and sun-tan lotion are strongly recommended, as well as warm, water  and windproof clothes, since weather can change rapidly in Alpine settings.

The Geological Fieldtrip GUIDE of the syn-Conference excursion can be downloaded (“Scarica la pubblicazione”) at:

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